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The goals of the website

I always loved sports, going outside and explore whatever place I come accross. It started with calisthenics; if you have access to some pullup bars/dip bars/rings etc, the practice of this sport is made nicer and that is why knowing the places where you can find some is great. So some people made (or paid others to make) websites/apps with the goal of creating a publc database with all of these spots. These projects are great, I used them a lot and I am sure that it helped many others as well. However, they all include either ads, or trackers, or poor designs; they sometimes also are difficult to use (unstable, non intuitive) or unmaintained or not available on all devices. And that is why the project of this website is born. Here are the goals I have with it :

The case of cliff diving

I received a lot of comments about how bad it is to gather cliff diving spots, and I understand all of the arguments. However, if I don't do it, someone else will (and already did). I am aware that some places have been made destroyed by some people littering them, or closed due to accidents. That is why I try to encourage people to keep the spots clean and to jump safely. This is at the core of my project which doesn't seem to be the case for other similar ones. So I know that keeeping these locations more secret would be a better option, but that is not going to happen. I think that educating others is a more durable and better option.
If you have ideas about how I could do that in a better way, do not hesitate to get in touch with me (my contact is available in the footer of this page).

Why we need to avoid ads

They allow web developpers to generate an income out of their customer's time and attention, but they also allow to bloat the web... Not everything is wrong about ads, but (to this date) I beleive that we should avoid them for the following reasons :

I do not want to make generalities but this is the case for most ads, if not all. This list is not complete but they contain the main reasons why (in my opinion) ads should be avoided.
So how are developpers going to earn money ? Well, I have two main solutions in mind : donations and sponsors (they behave a lot differently than regular ads). If you like the content you are consuming, would you be against donating something like 50 cents a month instead of watching ads and getting the web polluted ? If more and more developpers take that path, more alternatives will be found anyways.